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Becoming a tutor

It takes only 3 simple steps to be recognised as a quality tutor and hence work for us and get paid to teach

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Do i qualify?

To tutor with Quality Tutors Uganda

Be 18 years or older

Be a Ugandan Citizen with a valid ID

Have a recommendation from a recognised institution and a valid ID

Be able to keep time and move to the agreed tutoring venue

Be disciplined and ready to put the student's needs first.

Have access to a smart phone and /or a stable internet connection

Have a minimum of a B in the subject or be a teacher with atleast 5 years teaching experience

Minimum of a D2 for O-level Subjects or 5 years teaching experience in the subject


O& A level Students


University Students




Learning Meterials

Tutoring Modes

We employ various modes of tutoring

Quality Tutors Uganda employs technology in their opperations to make work safer and easier for the tutors and Students hence parents. We provide Online Tutoring, Offiline (Physical) Tutoring and Phone Call based tutoring as described below

Online and Phone Call Based Tutoring

In this mode there is no phyisical Contact between the tutor and the student. Communication takes place over the internet for online or Phone Call in areas with poor internet connectivity

Physical Tutoring

As the name is, this involves the tutor moving to the child's location or vise versa as agreed