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About Quality Tutors Uganda

Bettering the life of a Ugandan Science Student

Quality Tutors Uganda is aimed at ensuring better performance among all science studetns in all parts of the country. Providing a variety of resources and services aimed at making the student a better person. We have a higly proffesional team comprised of some of the best teachers in the country, Doctors, Engineers, chemists, University students from different faculties, among others who work together to ensure that our students get the best!

  • Continuous Assessments for all classes O and A Level
  • One on one Tutoring for all struggling students
  • Career guidance to all our students
  • Educational resources like notes, videos and audios to aid learning
  • An affordable world class Learning Managament system for Schools
  • Tours to help students explore different science related fields

Our Services

24/7 Support

To ensure that all our clients get the best, we have included a 24/7 support system! you can now get help any time anywhere!

Continuous Assessments

We Organise online assessments that are reviewed by proffesional teachers for students to use in pratice. Answers for all questions are provided.

Tutoring for all classes

We provide one on one tutoring upon request fo any student in any class anywhere in Uganda. We have skilled teachers to help the students.

Quality Career Guidance

We link up students with proffesional people like Doctors, Engineers, chemists among others to inspire and help them acquire the knowledge they need to make proper career choices

A world Class LMS

We boast in having one of the worlds best Learning Management Systems. This has many advanced features including the advanced analytics setting to help make a follow up of students' performance, numerous question types for testing. It can be customised to suit all the school's needs!

Inter & Intra School Seminars

With Teachers from different schools, we organise seminars to help students share and compare knowledge for Better Understanding.

Commonly Asked Questions

Every student in O-level is considered a science student because they do science subjects, so all O-level Students are welcome to join. At Advanced level, QTU focuses mainly on science students, however even arts students doing subsidiary ICT and Subsidiary Mathematics are cattered for in those departments.

The QTU LMS in an E-learning Platform Managed and controlled by Quality Tutors Uganda. It is built on the worlds best and most used learning management stystem. We customised it to suit the needs of a Ugandan student and use it deliver academic resourses and conduct online assessment, It comes along with a variety of features to make learning interesting.

Student Registration is free! Register Today!

QTU is meant to empower students, when you register with us as a student, you get access to our services. You are able to acess and use our LMS which has plenty of resources to help you excel. you get to interact freely with people from many fields to inspire you. You also interact with some of the best students in the country to teach you how they made it, and so much more!

To become a tutor at Quality Tutors Uganda, you need to have a minimum of one year teaching experience in the subject of interest. Simply fill out the tutor registration form or Send us an email at

some of the problems QTU is Solving

Students only compete at national level once at each level causing some to do poorly due to panic

The aspect of career guidance is not being given the necessary attention as schools focus more on producing good results

Parents whose children need tutors find it hard to get good tutors since they rarely interact with their children's teachers.

Our solutions

To solve the mentioned problems, QTU has offered a variety of services listed in the services section of this page. Some of the listed services are paid for while others are not, however, we have tried our best to ensure that the costs can be met by all. We have made all the online services free for all students that register before 30th May 2019

We welcome any innovative ideas targeted to improving our services and also those with a common goal of Empowering Science Students

Welcome to the QTU family!

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News & Recent Developments


Free holiday engagement work for sciences

To Boost Your Understanding of content,We have created holiday quizes for sujects: biology, chemistry,maths,and physics for first term holidays 2019. They are free! Interested students should register at Free Holiday Quizez!!!

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Inspiring students Students to Excel!

We have come up with a way of linking continuing students with old students that did well. We get students that performed exceptionally well to share their methods and approaches to help continuing students.

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Call for course creators and content builders

We are looking for teachers and potential partners to build more content in form of notes, videos, exam papers, questions, career tools, and help our enrolled students. Interested parties are welcome to register with us.

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