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Incoporate technology and Better your student's Understanding.We have made it simpler!

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Makes teaching more fun and Boosts student's performance & understanding

Teachers and their students can now benefit from the increased use of technology in the current generation! Create online courses for your students and make their leaning process simpler! You can now freely create online quizez, run automated assessment tests, provide cloud based holiday packages, create online discussion groups for your students, monitor your student's progress using our analytics tools!, and so much more!

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Earn from online courses and E learning

We have brought the worlds best E-learning Platform to Uganda for you!

You can control who accesses your material. Your created materials can be accessed by any student in any part of the Country! Your own students can also access them from school through the computer labs. You can now create and sell holiday packages to multitudes of students! Get started for free!

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Developing an E-learning platform and a Learning Management System from scratch requires alot of computer knowledge, takes long and is very expensive! We there fore have introduced an Open System for use by all teachers and course creators in any parts of the country. We have made it free for the first 200 teachers/schools

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