Quality Tutors Uganda (QTU) with the Child Initiatives provides technologically improved educational services suitable for the current and future generations of Students at both Secondary and Tertiary Institutions

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Private Tutoring

With a team of highly skilled qualified teachers, we provide one on one tutoring services to students of all classes. Contact us for more information

Career Guidance

We have a team of proffesionals from a variety of fields including doctors, engineers among others that are there to inspire our students through our forums


We use one of the world's best e-learning systems to provide online study tools and resources currently used by students at all levels across the country and Africa at large

About us

Technology for better learning

Quality Tutors Uganda is Uganda's leading provider of online educational tools being used by top institutions in the Country and Africa at large. We work to improve the Education in Africa using highly efficient technological tools that match the current trends of technology use by the students. We have gone ahead to turn the would be destructive social media platforms to students like whatsapp into Educative environments through our whatsapp groups where students from different schools and Universities meet under guidance of our team to discuss or share Educational content

Holiday Packages